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Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System
  • Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System
  • Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System
  • Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System
  • Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System

Lip Plump - Lip Plumping System

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Lip Plump Natural Plumping System 

For the lips


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New generation of lip plumping systems: discover the Lip Plumper system.

Lip Plump system


The full lips trend: discover Kylie Jenner's technique! 

Nowadays, women want to give their lips more volume, redefine their contours and reduce wrinkles, without necessarily going to a plastic surgeon or doctor.

Non-invasive and painless, the Lip Plump consists of a system of vacuum pulses to give the lips a plumped appearance.

Simply place the device on your lips and let it pulse for 15 seconds. You can increase the volume by letting it pulse a second time for 15 seconds.

Instantly, a change in the appearance of the lips appears. 

A painless and safe system.

More colour and volume on the lips with visible results for several hours. On a daily basis, the suction stimulates collagen production and natural and lasting results are noticeable after 4 weeks of use once a day.

The Lip Plump system for lips is an economical alternative to get beautiful and full lips.

After using the Lip Plump system, use a lip balm such as eneomey Lip Nutrition. On days when you are not using the Lip Plump system, use the eneomey Lip Stimulation gloss. These products are available on our website. To find them, click HERE


lip plump system

Before using the Lip Plump System, make sure that the lips are not chapped or damaged. Lip Plump must be used on perfectly healthy lips.


Apply your usual moisturising lip balm

Place your lips in the Lip Plump system on the red part


Turn on the device, while holding the mouthpiece against your lips


Slowly and gently move the device, for 10 seconds, you can repeat the operation once



CAUTION: Never exceed 2 rounds of Lip Plump. Do not exceed the recommended treatment time. French Filler will not be held responsible for any misuse of the Lip Plumper product.


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