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Ferulic Acid Peel
  • Ferulic Acid Peel
  • Ferulic Acid Peel
  • Ferulic Acid Peel

Ferulic Acid Peel


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Ferulic Acid

60 ml



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Simildiet mesopeel peel with ferulic acid:

 Ferulic acid helps regulate tyrosine, helps limit pigmentary blemishes and lightens skin imperfections.


60 ml bottle 

Ferulic acid is characterised by its antioxidant properties and helps protect the skin from free radical damage by helping to neutralise their actions


Ferulic Mesopeel helps to boost the activity of vitamins C and E

It helps to provide skin protection against UVB and UVA radiation, thus helping to limit the damage inflicted by the sun while protecting cellular DNA.


Ferulic acid helps regulate tyrosine, thus contributing to limiting pigmentary blemishes and lightening unwanted skin imperfections

This highly tolerated peel is suitable for all skin types.

The ferulic mesopeel peel stimulates the formation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid


Trichloroacetic acid (10%),

Ferulic acid (6%), Salicylic acid (5%),

Vitamin C (1%) and Arbutin alpha




Data sheet

Quantité par boîte
60 ml

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