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Behind the scenes of a hyaluronic acid injection session

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Behind the scenes of a hyaluronic acid injection session

Hyaluronic acid injection session: what happens in the office?

In this article, we will summarize what happens during a session of injections with a doctor. This procedure requires special training and a perfect knowledge of facial anatomy. Only doctors are authorized to perform it.


Injection sessions take place in the office because they require rigorous aseptic conditions.

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detailed questioning is carried out by your doctor in order to understand your expectations and to look for possible contraindications (known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, pregnant or breast-feeding woman, autoimmune disease).

This questioning enables to specify the zones requiring the use of a volumizing hyaluronic acid or a more superficial product (Choice of the type of hyaluronic acid made by the doctor). The quantity of product necessary (number of syringes) is variable and will be evaluated as precisely as possible beforehand.

Aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided during the 3 days preceding the injection, as well as any treatment likely to promote bleeding and hematoma. It is preferable not to drink alcohol, nor to be exposed to strong sunlight the day before and the day of the session.

The doctor can, in some cases, use model photos to help you determine the desired effect. He can also (with your permission) take a picture of you before, in order to make a Before/After.


  • Injections can be performed without local anesthesia. Currently, many products are supplied with a local anesthetic in the syringe (lidocaine, mepivacaine). However, for certain products that are a little more painful, and for certain more sensitive patients, it is possible to use an anesthetic cream such as Emla* (to be applied in a thick layer on the areas to be treated at least one hour before the injection).
  • The area to be treated is carefully disinfected before the injection.
  • The injections are done using needles or flexible micro-cannulas according to the doctor's habits.
  • An injection session lasts from 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number and the area to be treated. There are several injection techniques, each doctor adopts his own method and adapts it to each case to obtain the best results.
  • After the injection, the practitioner will massage the treated areas to ensure that the product is properly distributed.
  • A At the end of the session, your doctor may suggest a second injection session a few days or weeks later to perfect the result.

Attention: The immediate result after treatment does not reflect the final result, it requires a few days of waiting.


Immediately after the session, you may notice some swelling, which usually remains moderate and disappears after a few days. More rarely, you may notice skin sensitivity, itching or small bruises at the injection sites. Do not worry, it does not stay.

For the first six hours, it is advisable to remain calm (avoid too intense sport sessions for example). It is also preferable to avoid mobilizing your face (no faces). 

For a few days, avoid alcohol, Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and exposure of the treated areas to strong heat (sun, UV, sauna, hammam).


A period of a few days is necessary to appreciate the final result, the time it takes for the product to be well integrated, for the swelling to disappear and for the tissues to regain their flexibility.

The effect duration is extremely variable from one product to another, but also according to the areas to be treated, the injection technique, and the patients (skin type, lifestyle).

The correction is temporary, and the treatment will have to be renewed to maintain the result.

And that's it, you now know more about the process of a hyaluronic acid injection session, are you ready to try it?





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