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Bioscience Hyacorp

Injectable Hyaluronic acid

Box containing 1 vial of 1ml



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Hyacorp Fine is a high purity, resorbable skin implant. It is a single-use medical device made from non-animal injectable hyaluronic acid.

This product contains natural hyaluronic acid to moisturise the skin.

Composition of Hyacorp Fine:

1 ml contains:

Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid 14 mg

Sodium chloride 6,9 mg

Water for injection 1 mL

Please note that the injection of this product requires a technical medical procedure that must be carried out by a doctor (doctor specialising in dermo aesthetics, dermatologist, plastic surgeon).

Indication of Hyacorp Fine: 


- Fine lines

- Fine lines around the eye 

- Superficial wrinkles 

- Revitalization 



Understanding skin ageing: Every time we make a facial movement, the skin folds. Just by repeating these expressions over and over again, the skin of the face becomes looser and the first wrinkles, known as fine lines, appear. At the same time, static wrinkles form over time. The natural ageing process leads to the loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Facial wrinkles are all different, they can be superficial or deep. Located in an area of maximum visibility, they can often be unaccepted and reflect psychological discomfort. Although wrinkles often begin in the 20s, they can appear at any age, depending on the genetic profile.


HYAcorp Fine, an effective anti-wrinkle: For all those who wish to delay the effects of ageing on their face, the technique of hyaluronic acid injections is the most effective anti-wrinkle treatment! Naturally present in the body and biodegradable, hyaluronic acid fills in wrinkles and, above all, provides immediate and lasting results.

HYAcorp fine, an effective anti-wrinkle treatment, is used to treat all static wrinkles and creases on the face: forehead wrinkles, frown lines (between the eyebrows), crow's feet wrinkles (at the corner of the eyes), lower eyelid wrinkles, nasolabial lines (nose/mouth angle), lip wrinkles, jugal wrinkles (cheeks), deep wrinkles around the mouth (corner of the lips), chin wrinkles, etc., as well as superficial, thin and deep wrinkles


How to inject Hyacorp Face? Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected superficially under the wrinkle (1 or 2 mm deep) using a very thin needle, in order to fill it and give it volume. Very effective, it considerably reduces the hollow of the wrinkles due to its volumizing effect. The sessions only last a few minutes and there are very few visible consequences. Hyaluronic acid is non-allergenic and natural. The first effects of hyaluronic acid filling are immediate, and the final results can be appreciated gradually.





What is HYAcorp hyaluronic acid gel?

- The only hyaluronic acid range for face AND body.

- HYAcorp is the most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid - safe, biocompatible and of non animal origin - suitable for volume restoration and contouring of the body AND face.

- HYAcorp is a transparent, viscous gel based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid, suitable for restoring body volumes and reshaping the face. The innovative cross-linking technique used by BioScience GmbH laboratory creates a smooth and homogeneous gel with excellent viscoelastic properties. These gels are also easy to inject and have a very long shelf life in the skin tissue.

- As a filling product based on hyaluronic acid gel, HYAcorp injections can restore and reshape the buttocks*, calves, cheekbones and all areas of the body and face for a re-harmonization of the shape:

To purchase Hyacorp Body*, click here  

HYAcorp: Hyaluronic acid combined with advanced Thixotropic technology

- This cross-linked hyaluronic acid is specially designed to become an extremely low-viscosity gel under pressure and then return to its original shape when the pressure is removed. This feature of the ATT Technique (Avdanced Thixotropic Technology) system demonstrates a decrease in viscosity with an increase in shear rate, which is normally dependent on natural aging.

- HYAcorp, a complete range of products

- It treats all areas of the body and face, the skin, the wrinkles, the contours of the figure and the shape of the hands and body, without scars and without risk.

- HYAcorp can restore body and facial volumes and reshape hollows without surgery.

- The products in the range vary according to the degree of cross-linking, the particle size and the concentration of hyaluronic acid. By choosing the right combination of these 3 factors, a product can be perfectly adapted to each areaThe degree of cross-linking defines the elasticity and durability of the product. Treatments in the deeper layers of the skin require a firmer product, combined with a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Sensitive areas that require a lighter treatment, for example the face or lips, will be treated with a lower level of cross-linking.

The filling effect may vary and depends on the depth and area of injection. HYAcorp delivers syringes specially designed for single use. The depth of injection can vary from subcutaneous to local administration for HYAcorp MLF1 and MLF2. HYAcorp Face Filler is administered into the middle layers of the dermal tissue.


- Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable, biodegradable and extremely well tolerated filler due to its natural presence in the body.

- HYAcorp provides high quality aesthetic results and enables procedures that do not involve any social unavailability, after-effects or major constraints.

- A healthy, safe and certified range: the hyaluronic acid used in HYAcorp products is from non-animal origin. HYAcorp is manufactured by the German laboratory BioScience and is CE labelled by the European Community.


What are the advantages of the HYAcorp hyaluronic acid injection?

1) Immediate and stable results over time.

2) Maintains the quality of the skin using the latest generation of high-end Hyaluronic Acid gel

3) Is biocompatible and respects the natural degradation cycle of the skin.

4) Is a minimally invasive treatment that does not cause scarring or social unavailability.



Reshaping specific areas of the face

Filling in and adding volume to the hollows of the face

Hyaluronic acid is an extremely innovative and suitable technique for reshaping specific areas of the face and reducing wrinkles and creases.

The HYAcorp Face range provides the perfect solution to facial sagging. Each product in the HYAcorp range is specific to an indication and a treatment area. HYAcorp Face products can fill and reshape facial areas, depending on their composition and degree of cross-linking.

How to reduce wrinkles by area?

1) Having beautiful lips

For a harmonious and sensual face, HYAcorp also helps to restore volume to the lips when they are thin or disharmonious. Hyaluronic acid helps to discreetly and naturally plump them up and reduce the wrinkles formed at the corners of the mouth. Their shape and volume are enhanced for a long-lasting effect.

_ Purchase hyacorp lips


2) Correct cheekbones

Hyaluronic acid gives volume to the hollows of the face, which form over time. Over the years, the skin loses its moisture and elasticity, leading to a loss of tone in certain areas of the face such as the cheekbones and the oval of the face. HYAcorp helps to restore flat and sagging cheekbones by filling them in, while smoothing the palpebral region.


3) Fight skin ageing 

The formulation of HYAcorp gel makes it particularly effective in attenuating and filling all static wrinkles and creases of the face: nasolabial lines, deep wrinkles around the mouth, frown lines, jugal lines, thin to deep wrinkles around the eyes. Injected under the wrinkle, hyaluronic acid fills it and gives a smoother effect to the face. With a toned and radiant skin, the face appears younger and more radiant, less tired and less sad.

Produit réservé aux professionnels de santé (médecin spécialisé en dermo esthétique, dermatologue, chirurgien plastique)


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