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VIVACY Laboratory - Injectable Hyaluronic Acid STYLAGE

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid from Vivacy Laboratory: Stylage

VIVACY is a Revitacare distributor

Vivacy's range of hyaluronic acid-based fillers has its own specific features aimed at filling wrinkles and fine lines and restoring lost volume in the area of the face.

Vivacy Stylage also offers a line of products for deep tissue hydration (Mesotherapy, Skin boosters) 


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Stylage XL

Stylage Vivacy

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid 

2 x 1ml

Price €140.83 tax incl.
140,83tax excl.

Stylage S lidocaine

Stylage - Vivacy

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid for medical use

Pre-filled 0.8ml syringe (x2)

Price €107.50 tax incl.
107,50tax excl.

Stylage S

Stylage Vivacy

Injectable hyaluronic acid 

Box containing 2 vials of 0.8ml

Price €90.83 tax incl.
90,83tax excl.
Stylage M
  • On sale!

Stylage M

Stylage Vivacy

Injectable hyaluronic Acid 

2 pre-filled syringes (1ml each)

Price €98.00 tax incl.
98,00tax excl.

Stylage L

Stylage Vivacy

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid

Box containing 2 1ml vials 

Price €108.00 tax incl.
108,00tax excl.

Stylage lips

Stylage Vivacy

Injectable hyaluronic acid 

Box containing 1 ml vial 

Price €54.17 tax incl.
54,17tax excl.