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Hyamira 40 mg Booster - Apharm 

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid 

2 ml pre-filled syringe 



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Hyamira is a new range of sterile injectable hyaluronic acid from Apharm laboratories 

The hyaluronic acid contained in Hyamira Booster provides a lasting and stable effect. 

A 2ml syringe 

Hyaluronic Acid intended for Biorevitalization 

Hyamira 40mg Booster rehydrates lastingly the skin. Hyamira Booster stimulates fibroblasts and angiogenesis, and contributes to the hyaluronic acid and collagen production. Its effect is immediate. Hyamira Booster restores lost skin elasticity.

Hyamria 40 Booster injection is intradermal. 

Hyamra 40 Booster is recommended for the Biorevitalization of patients over 45 years old, or in cases of extremely dehydrated skin. 

The hyaluronic acid contained in one Hyamira Booster syringe is biodegradable: after a defined period of time, it is absorbed by the body tissues. Its effect lasts between 6 and 9 months.

Indications of HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER

  • Hyamira Booster helps restore the skin's optimal moisture level 
  • Hyamira Booster helps reduce the signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyamira Booster helps to improve skin tone, firmness and skin's elasticity
  • Hyamira Booster contributes to the improvement of firmness, elasticity and hydration the face, the neck and the hands
  • Hyamira Booster helps improve the skin's natural protective barrier
  • Hyamira Booster smoothes the skin
  • Hyamira Booster enables a quick overall anti aging effect 
  • Hyamira Booster suppresses fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars 

The high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid contained in Hyamira Booster gives it powerful lifting properties and an anti-wrinkles effect by assuring a strong hydration.


Content of one box of HYAMIRA 40 BOOSTER 

1 40mg/2ml pre-filled syringe 

Hyamira Booster's effect is preventive and lasting, the body takes between 6 and 8 months to absorb the gel and eliminate it.

Be careful: Only healthcare professionals specialized in dermatology or esthetics are authorized to administer Hyamira 40 Booster.

The elasticity of the skin tissue is maximal: a quick rejuvenation offered by Apharm laboratory.

CE marked medical device 



Data sheet

Quantité par boîte
2 ML

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