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Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum
  • Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum
  • Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum
  • Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum
  • Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum

Isdinceutics Flavo-C Melatonin Night Repair Serum


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Flavo-C Melatonin

Repairing night serum

Acts during sleep by stimulating the skin's natural defences

10 x 2 ml



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ISDIN Flavo-C Melatonin Serum is a 2020 INNOVATION: First serum on the market containing Melatonin.

A true skin expert, the Isdin laboratory offers several ranges of very high-quality dermatological solutions, including a complete and unique range of innovative sun products

In 2016, Isdin decided to join its expertise with that of Auriga International, a laboratory specialising in vitamin C and vitamin K oxide-based skin care products.

Thus, the brand new Isdinceutics range combines the anti-ageing effectiveness of Auriga products with the unique textures and fragrances of Isdin products.



Melatonin: Acts during the night by stimulating the skin's antioxidant defences. Prevents oxidative stress during the day.



Bakuchiol: A naturally occurring ingredient with anti-ageing properties, which restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin.



Vitamin C: Fights against oxidative stress and restores brightness to your skin.


It fits perfectly into a home mesotherapy protocol, using a DermaRoller or a MesoRollon. 


Main actions:

- Stimulates the skin's antioxidant defences

- Fights against oxidative stress 

- Improves radiance 

- Helps restore skin elasticity and firmness


FLAVO-C MELATONIN reinforces the skin's anti-oxidant defences during the night so that when you wake up, your skin is ready to face the aggressions endured during the day (pollution, UV rays, smoke...).

Due to its formula, the skin is nourished, softened and radiant.

The extra:

First serum containing Melatonin.

FLAVO-C MELATONIN is a real repair concentrate, which will act during the night using 3 innovative ingredients:


- Melatonin

It is a hormone naturally present in our body. It reinforces the antioxidant defences of the dermis to face the external aggressions suffered during the day.

Melatonin penetrates the skin to the DNA and stimulates it to synthesise antioxidant enzymes to combat the effects of free radicals.


- Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol is a retinol-like anti-ageing ingredient of natural origin. It helps slow down the skin's aging process and protects it from future damageIt will also reduce blemishes.

It has the same properties as retinol without its disadvantages: it is not irritating and has no stability problems.



- Vitamin C


It is used here in derived form for its essentially moisturising and also anti-oxidising and lightening properties.


Suitable for all skin types.

For reactive skin, start with an application every other day.

Balanced blend of light, non-greasy oils with gradual absorption. Ideal texture for night-time use.


The Isdinceutics Flavo-c Melatonin box consists of 10 x 2ml vials, a complete protocol to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.  

1/4 à 1/2 vial per application is sufficient

10 vials = 20 à 40 applications 



An opened vial can be stored using the tip provided in the box.

Do not inject


Do not swallow


3 reasons to use vials:




Powered by science


Innovation has always been at the heart of European skincare, with science and technology leading the way to healthy skin. The vials encompass decades of research and development, where the formula is always at the core.




Precision in a bottle


Designed to contain a blend of supercharged ingredients, the vials offer minimalist formulas in a measured bottle. Each drop provides concentrated ingredients to effectively address specific skin concerns.




Guaranteed stability


Sealed and secured glass bottles protect the ampoule from oxidation and ensure that the powerful ingredients remain stable and effective, providing the skin with a powerful dose of care with every application


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