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Mesotherapy at home





Mesotherapy consists of local micro-injections of medication made through the skin, very superficial and not very painful. These injections can be intra-epidermal, superficial intradermal or deep between 1 and 13 mm). At home they will be superficial.


1)    Deep facial cleansing with professional products


Be careful not to attack the skin on this first stage. Avoid abrasive or large grain scrubs.


2)    Prepare and disinfect your equipment


-       Dermaroller is essential during your micro-needling session. It must absolutely be clean. 

The Dermaroller (or Mesorollon or Mesoroll) is a small roller equipped with 540 micro needles of 0.3 mm. This size is ideal for safe micro-needling at home. The Dermaroller causes micro-cuts in your skin to stimulate collagen production, stimulate the healing process of the dermis, activate the microcirculation and make the anti-aging products used penetrate more deeply.


-       The product applied must be liquid and not creamy. Choose from our list of serums adapted to micro-needling, depending on the desired effect: hydration, antioxidant, lifting, etc. Micro-needling makes anti-aging products more effective with this new application technique.


3)    Product application


Empty your vial of product into a small bowl and roll your Dermaroller to soak it in the serum.

For 10 minutes, apply the entirety of the serum using your roller by alternating horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements. Repeat several times on the same area.

The skin should redden but not bleed. In case of bleeding, stop the treatment.


4)    Apply a Collagen mask


This step is essential for the well-being of your skin. 

Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes.


5)    Apply a Moisturizing mask


The ideal is to apply it with a brush to avoid bacterial contamination and small spots.


6)    Apply a cream with sun protection 


For a week before going out.

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Mesotherapy at home

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Isdin anti-wrinkle serum for home mesotherapy 

Isdin - Isdinceutics

Anti-ageing, moisturising and anti-oxidising treatment

10 x 2 ml

Price €24.92 tax incl.
24,92tax excl.

Isdinceutics Flavo-C...


Flavo-C Melatonin

Repairing night serum

Acts during sleep by stimulating the skin's natural defences

10 x 2 ml

Price €24.92 tax incl.
24,92tax excl.